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I am a specialist trained in working therapeutically with adults, young people and children. I have 15 years clinical experience working with a wide range of difficulties and have practised in a variety of settings including primary and secondary schools and in private practice.

Prior to training as a Counsellor I practised as a Registered Nurse in the NHS and privately.

I am trained in Psychodynamic theory and have, through further training, learnt many of the recognised counselling techniques and theories and am able to use the best approach to suit client needs.

When working with children I use a non directive approach using therapeutic play alongside my known theoretical work.

Counselling is individual, non judgemental, private and confidential, providing a quiet relaxed space in which to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be causing concern; it can help make better sense of what is going on.

Counselling can provide support and offer new ways of looking at challenges, working through problems and resolving issues giving new insight and awareness and a way forward.

There are many different life challenges that can be helped by counselling; areas I specialise in are listed on the " about me" page.

I offer both long and short term work according to individual need, which will be decided at an assessment session prior to counselling.

Long term work is open ended providing a safe space in which thoughts and feelings can be explored, gaining a deeper understanding of what is going on and space to think these through, enabling the client to find a way forward.

Time limited, short term work focuses more on a particular area causing concern and working with that in the time agreed.

Sessions are confidential with the exception that if there is reason to believe a client or someone close to them is in danger, or where the law requires it. Counselling work is discussed in supervision in accordance with the BACP ethical framework but client details are always withheld to retain anonymity for the client.

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